Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Competition System

  • A. The Uttarakhand Super League will be played on league basis and with the following manner:
    • All matches will be played league round (Two groups A and B).
    • 14 team will be participating (13 district name wise and one representing Corbett Tiger Reserve).
    • Quarter final league matches.
    • Semi final matches
    • Final Matches.
  • League Round
    • League team will be divided in two groups (7 teams in each group).
    • League 4 top team from each group will qualify for quarter final league matches
  • Quarter Final League
    • Quarter final league, top two teams from Group A will play against third and fourth position teams from group B.
    • Quarter final league, top two teams from Group B will play against third and fourth position teams from group A.
  • Semi final League
    • Top two team from each group will qualify for the semifinals .
    • League match semifinal with group A and B.
  • Finals
    • The final will be played between the winners of the semi final.

Organizing Committee and its responsibility

  • The organizing committee technical director shall be appointed by USFA in consultation with the district association.
  • The organizing committee shall be responsible for organizing the USL in accordance with the AIFF and USFA constitutions and these regulations.
  • The organizing committee shall entirely be responsible for the safety and security of the players, officals, media and spectators. In case of any medical injury or emergency during the match USL provides only first aid, physio and ambulance to the nearest hospital. The family will be informed.
  • Franchisees to the team will be responsible if any major mishap of the players during the matches (off the field and on the field).

Duties and Obligations to the participating teams

  • Two entering the competition, the participating teams automatically undertake:
    • To observe these regulations
    • To abide by the rules and regulations of the FIFA, AIFF and USFA and decisions of the USFA executive committee and the organizing committee.
    • To accept all administrative, disciplinary and refereeing matters connected with the USL.
    • To accept all arrangements regarding the local organization made by the local organizing committee.
    • To accept the use, records and broadcast the images of teams, players, officials that may appear or be generation in connection with the participation of the team in the USL.
    • To comply with the laws of the game issued by the IFAB.
    • To observe the principal of fair play.

Regulations organizer for players and officials

  • Each team participating in the USL shall register 25 players and 5 officials
  • Each team should have no more than 4 foreign players (with NOC according to AIFF and USFA).
  • Each team 15 Indian players with NOC according to AIFF and USFA norms.
  • 61 league matches and total 350 players will be participating in the USL
  • Each team should consist of 6 district players.
  • Duly filled up registration forms shall be sent to AIFF and USFA atleast 10 days before the championships start.
  • All matches will be played in Dehradun district, Uttarakhand.
  • Final registration form for 25 players and 5 officials shall be submitted to the organizers immediately 20 days before USL starts.
  • A team shall register only 25 players and arrival at the venue of the USL and only there players shall be eligible to play. Extra players even if they are bought at the cost of the participating teams, will not be allowed to be registered. The teams registering less than 25 players shall not be allowed to register/add any more player once the final registration is complete.
  • Recent photographs preferably in color shall be affixed to the forms.
  • Three extra photo for each players and officials shall be submitted to the organizers.
  • All the registration forms shall be endorsed by the respective state association, forms which are not endorsed by the respective state association will not be accepted.
  • Match will be played day and night.


  • Not more than 3 players may be substituted during matches, all the remaining reserved players , who must be declared before the commencement of the match.
  • 18 players + 3 officials during the match inside the technical area.

Duration of the matches

Every match duration 45-15-45 (90 minutes), the winning team will get 3 points while the losing team will not get any point. Incase of a drawn match the points both teams will get 1 point each. If an ongoing match will be postponed due to heavy rain, light problems, fog or anyother problems then the remaining match will be completed the next day.

Disciplinary Committee Members

Dr. S.C. Negi, V.S Rawat, Akhatar Ali, Shankar Sagar, Lagmohan Singh Rawat, Rohit Prashar, Dilbar Singh Bisht, Devender Singh Bisht and two from AIFF.


  • Almora Burans
  • Bageshwar FC Kafals
  • Chamoli Bugyal FC
  • Champawat Hills
  • Corbett Tigers
  • Dehradun Capital Rangers
  • Haridwar Ganges
  • Nainital FC Lakes
  • Pauri Platoons
  • Pithoragarh Panthers
  • Rudraprayag Monals
  • Tehri Lions
  • Udhamsingh Nagar Warriors
  • Uttarkashi Glaciers